Thursday, April 16, 2015

Bonus language school Szeged

If you come to Szeged and spend longer time in the city it could be useful to learn some of the Hungarian language. Whether you work in Szeged,  study or an Erasmus student, life can be easier if you speak and understand the language. People in Szeged are very friendly and open and many of the speak other languages but everybody is happy if a foreigner can talk in their native language. It gives you an advantage when you make friends or look for a job.

There is an amazing language school right in the centre of Szeged, in Feketesas street, where you can learn in a relaxed atmosphere. There are small groups with people from all over the world but if you prefer to study alone with a private teacher it is also possible. Well-prepared teachers, friendly atmosphere, helpful customer service in the heart of Szeged.

You can find the school at Althoug the website is in Hungarian, but Noemi, our secretary speaks English and answers all e-mails within 24 hours.

Bonus language school can be found at 28/A Feketesas utca. You can call us on 62/311-300 or on mobile number +3670/352-6424, our e-mail address is

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