Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Szeged, Fish Festival


It will be the fifteenth time Szeged Fish Soup Festival is organised this year.
Traditionally the first Saturday of September is the date of the festival and during the years it became one of the most prestigious culinary and cultural festival. The purpose of it is to promote eating fish and also to pass on cooking traditions. You can try different kind of fish but the most popular is szegedi fish soup which is made with Szeged paprika and onion from Mako, a nearby town.
The festival takes place on the  quay at the Old Bridge where lots and lots of professional and  amateur chefs, family and corporate teams and others will cook fish soup and rival for the Frank Alexander cooking medal.
Of course it is not only about food but also having fun. There will be a fair as well and different folklore and other programmes so it is sure everybody will have a great time.
While eating your soup on the river bank you can also enjoy watching the Szeged Dragonboat Competition. It is at the same time as the fish festival and it is the fifth time it has been organised. The boats are spectacular with the dragon heads and tails and the atmosphere is always fantastic.
Do not miss this opportunity to visit Szeged and enjoy fine food and local hospitality.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Szeged, Aquapolis

Szeged Aquapolis
When you visit Szeged one of th ebest activities you can do to relax is to visit Aquapolis right in the centre ont he right bank of the river Tisza. It is a swimming pool with lots of slides both inside and outside. It is so much fun for the young and old as well. There are six slides inside which can be used all year round and outside there are more.
There is a tower from where  you can try the two longest slides but they can only be used if you are taller than 140 cm. They are 223 and 272 metres long and from the tower you can enjoy the view of Szeged. There is an elevator in the tower and be prepard that if you go down on the yellow slide you will have a surprise kamikaze section at the end. It is great fun!
One of the favourite slide is called the onion where you drop in a giant open bowl and spin in circles before you drop into a pool. Only for those who can swim as the pool is two metres deep.  

TheTwo Anacondas

Onion slide on the left

There are also slides for small babies  and those who do not wish to splash all day but prefer relaxing there is a silent wellness centre offering perfect relaxation and recreation for guests. Admission only for people over 16 years of age!
There are various welness treatments such as Finnish and infrared sauna, steam chamber, salt and aroma cabins and an outdoor log sauna. You can also try wellness massages and bath treatment in the complex.
Ticket prices in high season are 4000 Huf for adults for the whole day but there are discount prices if you go only int he morning or only int he afternoon.
There is also discount for children, senior and student visitors. In pre and off season prices are lower, 2700 for adults but the slides open only at 4 p.m. On Tuesday and Friday there is a special night programme so from 8 p.m. until 12 p.m. you can enjoy swimming and playin gin Aquapolis Szeged.

Outside slides

Friday, August 5, 2011

Szeged Canoe World Championship - Practical Information

As I have written before Szeged will be the centre of attention of sport lovers in August as there will be the Canoe Sprint World Championship between 17-21 August.
I provide you with some practical information about how to get there, where to park, ticket prices and things like that.

If you come by car from the direction of Budapest on M5 you have to take exit 166 for 55 towards Szeged nyugat/ Baja. Turn left onto Route 55 and then at the roundabout take the first exit to Route 502.

                                  Nagyobb térképre váltás     Budapest - Szeged, Maty-ér

By then you will see the signs showing where you can park your car. From the car park you can get to the tribunes by shuttles and at the end of the days they will be trasferred back to their cars. Because of the heavy traffic organisers ask everyone to use the shuttles instead of wondering on the road as it can be dangerous.
If you want to go to Maty Er from Szeged the easiest way is going by bus.
There is 40C bus which goes right to the entry gates. Buses are free to use but you have to have a valid entrance ticket to be allowed on the bus. Stops where you can get on the bus are not available yet but I will let you know as soon as I find out. Probably the end of next week.
You can buy your tickets at any IBUSZ offices in Hungary. You can see ticket prices here in HUF and also the approximate prices in EUR. Prices in Euro can change according to exchange rates and depend on where you change your money.


4500 HUF
(16 EUR)
8900 HUF
(32 EUR)
8900 HUF
(32 EUR)
8900 HUF
(32 EUR)
24900 HUF
(89 EUR)

2800 HUF
(10 EUR)
5500 HUF
(20 EUR)
5500 HUF
(20 EUR)
5500 HUF
(20 EUR)
14900 HUF
(53 EUR)

1700 HUF
(6 EUR)
3300 HUF
(12 EUR)
3300 HUF
(12 EUR)
3300 HUF
(12 EUR)
8900 HUF
(32 EUR)

800 HUF
(2.8 EUR)
1500 HUF
(5.3 EUR)
1500 HUF
(5.3 EUR)
1000 HUF
(3.6 EUR)
3500 HUF
(12.5 EUR)

World Championship tribune and prices

If you have not booked your accommodation in Szeged here you can find some hotels and guest hoses to choose from: