Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Szeged - Hungary

I am going to introduce Szeged to you. Try to be up-to-date and inform you about the most recent events and the best places to see. First of all I give you a brief introduction of the town itself and later go into the details. 
Szeged  is the sunniest city in Hungary with more than 2100 hours of sunshine a year. In summer it is full of flower and you can feel you are in a mediterranean city. Szeged is the third largest city in the south-eastern part  of Hungary, the biggest city int he region,  the county town of Csongrad county and it is the economic and cultural centre as well. 
Szeged was first mentioned in 1183 and soon became the most important settlement in the region. After the great flood in 1879 most part of the city was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. What you can see now in Szeged is the result of that, there are more modern and more beautiful buildings, especially in the centre
The university of Szeged is one of the best in Hungary. More than 30,000 students study in Szeged at the university on different faculties, making the city very youthful and full of life. There are numerous festivals, exciting exhibitions and all kinds of concerts throughout the year so you will never get bored in Szeged.
It is a thriving city with lots of places and sights to see. Lots of restaurants, cafes and confectionaries where you can taste Hungarian cuisine. To put it in a nutshell it is a lovely city to live, not too big and not too small and can offer everything you need.

Szeged Town Hall  in the past
Szeged Town Hall today