Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Szeged, Fish Festival


It will be the fifteenth time Szeged Fish Soup Festival is organised this year.
Traditionally the first Saturday of September is the date of the festival and during the years it became one of the most prestigious culinary and cultural festival. The purpose of it is to promote eating fish and also to pass on cooking traditions. You can try different kind of fish but the most popular is szegedi fish soup which is made with Szeged paprika and onion from Mako, a nearby town.
The festival takes place on the  quay at the Old Bridge where lots and lots of professional and  amateur chefs, family and corporate teams and others will cook fish soup and rival for the Frank Alexander cooking medal.
Of course it is not only about food but also having fun. There will be a fair as well and different folklore and other programmes so it is sure everybody will have a great time.
While eating your soup on the river bank you can also enjoy watching the Szeged Dragonboat Competition. It is at the same time as the fish festival and it is the fifth time it has been organised. The boats are spectacular with the dragon heads and tails and the atmosphere is always fantastic.
Do not miss this opportunity to visit Szeged and enjoy fine food and local hospitality.

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  1. Nagyon jó volt a halfesztivál, sok finomat ettem idén :)
    The Fish festival was great, i ate many delicious dish