Sunday, July 17, 2011

Nyeregszemle or Riding programme in Opusztaszer, near Szeged

Next weekend there will be a unique programme in Opusztaszer, only 26 kilometres from Szeged. Opusztaszer is the place where the Hungarian tribes arrived 1100 years ago with their leader, Arpad. They hold their first national assembly there and adopted the first laws. At this place you can see the National History Memorial Park which attracts thousands of visitors every year.

Feszty Cyclorama
The main attraction of the park is the Feszty cyclorama, the Arrival of the Magyars, painted by Arpad Feszty. You can also see many traditional buildings and instruments in the park and find out a lot about Hungarian history, traditions and culture. The park is also a place where programmes are organised in connection with how to preserve Hungarian tradition. Between 15th and 17th July the riding programme will be a very good example of that. It will be the greatest and largest cavalcade with horses in 2011 with more than 300 people arriving on horseback. Among them will be six Hungarians from Trasylvania, Csik county, who left for Opusztaszer on 25th June and after a three-week riding in Romania on 10th July arrived in Hungary.

And there will be many more proving that riding traditions are still alive. Lots of programmes are organised for young and old, there will be concerts, puppet shows, archery, traditional folk dance, arts and crafts and most of all anything related to horses and riding.
On Saturday morning you can see the procession of riders to the monument of Arpad and most of the day is dedicated to horse riding.
A unique part of the day will be a performance by Kata Pataky, the only Monty Roberts instructor in Hungary.
She will work with a foul without any previous training and at the end there will be a saddle and a rider on its back! I am sure it will be amusing.
If you are not free on Saturday you can see her on Sunday morning too, with a different foul, of course.
Hungarian people are extremely proud of their traditions and this weekend anyone can see how they are trying to preserve it for the future and for the younger generation.From Szeged you can go by car on road number 5,  it only takes about half an hour to reach the National Memorial Park in Opusztaszer. You can also go on the motorway but you have to pay for that. Ticket prices are 2500 HUF and the tickets are valid for all three days. Children under five can visit the cavalcade for free.
Listen to Hungarian folk music just to set the mood!

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