Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Penguins in Szeged

Both children and adults can pay an exciting visit to the Safari Park of Szeged, where by early Saturday new penguins have arrived.

The Safari Park of Szeged established a new glass-walled pool for the new-comers, which was inaugurated by Dr. László Botka, mayor of Szeged. He also stated that last year a sum of 700 million Hungarian Forints were appropriated for the renewal of the zoo.

Each and every year about 200 thousand visitors come to the Park to have a wonderful day or afternoon and to chill out here. According to the owners' hints, in the near future Black and Hook-lipped rhinoceros species will arrive to Szeged, too.

But now the main attraction of the Safari Park is the pool of the African Penguin, also known as the Black-footed penguin. It's confined to the Southern African waters, also widely known as the "Jackass" Penguin for its donkey-like bray, although several species of South American penguins produce the same sound.
Dr. László Botka - mayor of Szeged is feeding the new penguins

They grow to 68-70 cm (26.7 - 27.5 inches) tall and weigh between 2 and 5 kg (4.4 and 11 lb).

They have a black stripe and black spots on the chest, the pattern of spots being unique for every penguin, like human fingerprints. They have pink glands above their eyes, which are used for the regulation of temperature.

The hotter the penguin gets the more blood is sent to these glands so it may be cooled by the surrounding air, thus making the glands more pink.

This monogamous penguin is at a great threat nowadays. Of the 1.5 million African Penguin population estimated in 1910, only some 10% remained at the end of the 20th century.

Commercial fisheries have forced these penguins to search for prey farther off shore, as well as making them eat less nutritious prey. Penguin eggs were also considered delicacy and are still being collected for sale. Unfortunately, the practice was to smash eggs found a few days prior to gathering, to ensure that only fresh ones were sold.

Many steps have been taken to halt the decline of the African Penguin species, such as taking them to protected zoos and safari parks to conservate them. The penguins of Szeged have arrived from Germany (by the program of EEP) safe and sound and the visitors can pay an enjoyable visit to our venue.

Ticket prices:
 - adult: 1480 HUF
 - child: 970 HUF
 - child under the age of 3: FREE
 - Retired: 1070 HUF
 - Family (2+1): 3500 HUF
 - Family (2+2): 4070 HUF additional fee for more children: 570 HUF
 - Kid, school and retired group: 700 HUF/child, person
 - adult group: 1300 HUF/adult
 - Courier/guide (2-3 hours): 11000 HUF - in English: 14500 HUF
 - Courier/guide (30 minutes): 3100 HUF
 - Birthday in the zoo: 13500 - 15500 HUF

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