Monday, March 19, 2012

Upcoming world-wide famous conference in Szeged

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This week an extremely important event is going to take place in Szeged from 23rd to 25th of March. Nine Nobel prize winners will visit Szeged to take part in a conference organized for the 75th anniversary of Szent-Györgyi Albert's Nobel prize award. The University of Szeged announced a competition for students to win the opportunity to introduce these Nobel prize awardees. These students are not only talented biology-fans but they also speak superb English. Out of the more than 70 contestants the strict adjudicators chose 9 students with the best English and conversational skills, style and neatness.

I have done my best to find one of these students and I have successfully come across Eszter Nógrádi, a student of Deák Ferenc Bilingual High School in Szeged, who will have the pleasure to introduce Eric Wieschaus in the conference series. I seized the opportunity to ask her a few questions just to tell us more about this palatial event. 

Editor: Where or from whom did you hear about the upcoming conference series?
Eszter Nógrádi: Actually my biology teacher recommended taking part in a competition called by the University of Szeged. I immediately wanted to participate in such a vast event, where I can meet these highly acknowledged and renowned people and shake hands with them. 

Editor: Why did you choose Eric Wieschaus? 
Eszter Nógrádi: I read all the autobiographies of the Nobel prize-winners and he was the one who was the most interesting to me. I really like genetics, the topic in which he does research, and I am also a great fan of arts and music so when I read his biography it wasn't a question for me anymore whom to choose.

Editor: Could you say just a few words about Eric Wieschaus? 
Eszter Nógrádi: Of course. He was born in Indiana just after World War II. As I said before he is also a great fan of arts, as a child he spent hours and hours by painting and drawing and doing artworks. He studied at Yale University, where he could work in a laboratory and could examine Drosophila - a kind of small fruit fly. He made enormous efforts to find key genes that were responsible for the development of a fruit fly egg into a segmented embryo. He received the Nobel prize in 1995 along with two other scientists in Physiology or Medicine.

Editor: Will there be any opportunity to talk to these scientists?
Eszter Nógrádi: Yes, those who were chosen to presents the scientist can have a small chat with them. The other two people for each scientist who were also selected from the rest of the applicants can place a question in the Open Forum, where all the visitors of the conference will be present.

Editor: Thank you for answering my questions and I wish you good luck in presenting Eric Wieschaus well.
Eszter Nógrádi: Thank you very much. :D

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